Future Sense is a collaboration initiative focused on helping individuals and organizations adapt to a rapidly changing work environment that is impacted by disruptive technology, accelerated collaboration and organizational transformation. We focus on helping people understand and embrace impact and opportunities of the future ways of working.

We recognize the world is changing at an accelerated pace and we are here to help individuals, companies and industries transition and thrive in this change.

Future Sense is a collaboration initiative of specialists and innovative companies working together to leverage each other’s strengths and experience. We endeavor to show the value of networked organizations and individuals to support transformation.


Future Sense works closely with innovative, disruptive and start-up companies to identify how their technologies enable improvement for the organization’s performance and culture.

Our focus is to facilitate practical application of these technologies and advise corporations on the current state and overall impact to their day to day activities. We also help identify partnerships to bring in new concepts.

We also offer assistance for start-ups who wish to position themselves and need project management and consultancy support for their deployments and engagement.


Transformation is the most important element in this new disruptive world. Many companies embrace the new technologies or pilot concepts, but the real challenge is how to create an adaptive organization that can handle those changes. Impact of automation or faster provision of information can overwhelm an organization.

Transformation preparedness is what we bring to the table. We understand the needs for change and work with companies to ensure success. We do adaptive processes, facilitate business readiness programs and overall competency development.


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We Offer Workshops

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